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Our dedicated team provides integrated software solutions and services to help your nonprofit or small business boost productivity and amplify your mission.

Problem Solving

Facing a problem? We work to find solutions to your unique challenges.

Get your idea off the ground with a web or mobile app. Need to start small? We'll get you started by helping identify and build your MVP.
Small Business
When you don’t have the time or in-house expertise to grow your business' technology, our dedicated team of developers will relieve the pressure and deliver extraordinary software solutions.
Grow beyond inefficent work processes and let new technology help improve your performance and efficiency.
Fair Costs
Non-profits and small businesses need to keep costs low. We will help you add capacity without hiring more staff.
Client Care
Does your vision involve providing excellent service for your clients? Keep them happy with tech solutions that will give them the care they deserve.
Get a leg up
We know you are ambitious. So are we. When you're looking for a competitive advantage in your industry, we'll be there to provide you with a software solution

Who & What

Who are we, and what will we do for you?

How we began

The idea to start BenefitMany grew from our enjoyment of working on challenging projects that give back to the community. We vowed to continue working with each other to develop software to help those who help others. Hence, BenefitMany.

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Here for you at every step image

Here for you at every step

From ideation & design to launching your MVP and beyond, we’re here to help materialize your ideas and translate your business’ personality and service into tools which resonate and communicate with your audience.

Open Communication

We aim to foster meaningful relationships with our clients. Meetings on your time. Access to your project's tasks. Itemized receipts so you know exactly what you are paying for, no hidden fees. We don't charge for meetings, it's your project. Let's get it right.

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Delivering Extraordinary Results

Our unique software solutions will not only be great tools to benefit you, your employees, and clients. We also offer customized reporting to display performance metrics so you can see your results in action.

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ModeLaw: Using A Web App To Amp Up Law Firm Productivity

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